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The Schaikmat, developed in-house, is a multifunctional, sturdy mat made of willow wicker, which can be used in many locations. The durable mat can be used as bank protection - making it an excellent alternative to a revetment in the vulnerable, still bare phase! – or as a floating island with ecological added value and visual enhancement. Another possible application: as a biodegradable road surface, for example for (maintenance) work carried out in nature reserves. And as a dividing wall in (for example) the garden: the Schaikmat has the same dimensions as regular fence parts and is therefore very easy to use.
A sustainable solution for different locations and situations: our Schaikmat is an ingenious discovery! Strong, machine-pressed mats of willow wicker that can be used as a floating island and as bank protection. Can be planted in the preparatory phase with local plant species, available in different thicknesses and can be used as a permanent or temporary solution. Birds, fish and insects find food, shelter, resting and breeding places there, in short: the Schaikmat offers not only a fast and flexible solution, but also ecological added value!

The chess mat is a sturdy, machine-pressed mat of willow wicker. It is biodegradable. Roots take over the function of the mat as it decays over time. This is multifunctional and applicable in many locations. The mat can be used as bank protection, as a floating island, but also as a biodegradable driving plate or as a dividing wall in a garden. Aquatic plants or bank plants can be incorporated. Sustainable alternative to a coconut mat, because it is made from indigenous material. The roots provide water purification. The mat provides a green bank when planted.

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