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An overview of our products

Fascine mattresses

One of our core activities is the supply and installation of zinc pieces. Specialist work, for which we use willow wood from nature reserves and from our own plantations. A natural product, therefore sustainable! In addition to the manufacture, we can also take care of the installation of the sinking pieces: from dragging the sinking pieces to the immersion location to the actual immersion work.


The Schaikmat, developed in-house, is a multifunctional, sturdy mat made of willow wicker, which can be used in many locations. The durable mat can be used as bank protection - making it an excellent alternative to a revetment in the vulnerable, still bare phase! – or as a floating island with ecological added value and visual enhancement.

Wattle fencing

Om afgekalfde oevers tegen te gaan schakelt u ons in voor het plaatsen van beschoeiingen. Wij leveren het benodigde materiaal én hebben de vakkennis, ervaring en het materieel in huis om de beschoeiing vakkundig aan te brengen.

Silt fencing

Drift screens are used to support the growth of dunes, keep paths clear and regulate drift. Our company has years of experience in supplying and installing both wicker and brushwood drift screens. Specialist work that you can leave to us with confidence.


High-quality Salix rootstocks: we supply them in any desired size and from various Salix varieties. The rootstocks come from our own plantations, are selected by hand and can also be purchased in smaller quantities.

Garden decoration

Griendhout is a beautiful natural product that is ideal for use in the garden! A good example are natural willow fences: a beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative to 'standard' fence parts.

Cultivation maintenance

Cultural maintenance of willows (including in tidal areas) requires expertise and specific equipment. Van Schaik knows exactly what is needed to optimally maintain an area.


In addition to the products mentioned above, we also provide specific services. This way you can engage our VCA-certified employees and use our specialist equipment.
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